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We’re performers and players, minimalists and penny-pinchers.  We think theatre should be fun and stirring, not stuffy or repetitive.  We believe going to a show should not break the bank.  And we find Michigan summer evenings beautiful. Thus, we produce dramas and comedies, musicals and original adaptations, classics and works by up-and-coming playwrights. We also provide cabaret shows, acting classes, and wacky improv evenings.  And you can see any of our shows for the same price as a movie ticket.

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Penny Seats Staff:


LAUREN M. LONDON – Executive Director
STEPHEN HANKES – Technical Director

TYLER CHINN -- Lighting Director


Board of Directors:

Matt Cameron, Chair

Bridget Bly, Treasurer

Stephen Hankes, Vice Chair

Heather Hudson

Zach London, Secretary

Kelly Cameron

Mark Dieve