Summer Preview Event
It's a PENNY SEATS SUMMER PREVIEW, hosted by our friends at The Pretzel Bell! Stroll around the brand new Pretzel Bell Captain's Room nibbling on delicious FREE appetizers and beer, and raise a pint to summer as we present snippets from our upcoming West Park shows! See samples from Joseph Zettelmaier's World Premier, The Renaissance Man, and the hilarious Peter and the Starcatcher. Bid on fantastic auction items, win raffle prizes, meet cast members, and let the summer begin on a high note. Dress is casual, and admission is free, though space is limited. Reserve your ticket before they're gone by visiting either our homepage or box-office on our site!
A New Year, A New Season!
These lovely ladies were accompanied by Music Director, R.MacKenzie Lewis, and Director, Thalia Schramm, this past Monday to begin rehearsals for our season opener, Sing Happy!
To be completely honest, these women....are OUT OF THIS WORLD! I'm not sure how else to put it; they are truly phenomenal. If you haven't already purchased your tickets for this show, please do so NOW. I can assure you, after listening to their first rehearsal, that this is not going to be a show you will want to miss!
Already at their first rehearsal, outstanding choices were being made and you could almost catch a glimpse of some of the characters. It was unlike anything I've ever seen in a first rehearsal and I can only imagine how spectacular the final product will be. 
Please stay tuned as I will be giving you, Ann Arbor, a chance to MEET THE CAST! In these 28 days leading up to opening night, each of these cast members will have an entire blog entry dedicated to them; allowing you all the opportunity to not only see their past works but, to get a glimpse of who they are as Michigan residents, mothers, wives, regular, everyday people. Just like you and me. However, before then, I suppose you would like to know the cast. I've made you wait long enough, so.........
Penny Seaters, without further adu, please join me in welcoming the cast of Sing Happy!
Sarah Stevens Briggs
Liz Jaffe Smoot
Lindsay Frischmuth
Kristin McSweeney
Director: Thalia Schramm
Music Director: R. MacKenzie Lewis
Stage Manager: Megan Paruta
Producer: Lauren London
You can click here to buy your tickets TODAY! They really are sellin fast folks. Don't miss out on this one of a kind show! Hope to see you there!
Stay Excellent, Ann Arbor!
Twinterns Signing Off
December 1, 2016
December is here, Ann Arbor, and we are thrilled! Yeah, yeah, yeah, the snow can make your commute to work and school a nightmare and the cold temperatures certainly aren't for everybody.
However, there ARE a lot of glorious things about this chilly, snowy month, and we're not just talkin about those catchy holiday tunes, no no. If it's December then that means HOLIDAYS ARE NEAR Y'ALL! That's right, YOU get a holiday and YOU get a holiday and YOU get a holiday!So, for this December blog, the Twinterns found it fitting to give you, the people of Ann Arbor, a little count down to all the exciting holidays that lie ahead.
5 Days until HANUKKUH
6 Days until ROHATSU (Bodhi Day)
21 Days until MAWLID EL-NABI
23 Days until CHRISTMAS
24 Days until KWANZAA
29 Days until NEW YEARS EVE
30 Days until 2017 (Adios 2016)
We hope you all had an outstanding Thanksgiving with your family, friends and scrumptious food. We could not be more thankful for all of you. Without you, we wouldn't be where we are today. Thank you for all your continued love and support over the years. Please, in this holiday season, consider The Penny Seats Theatre Company in your donations. We need to continue to keep this artform alive and well in Ann Arbor, but we need YOUR help to do that. All you need to do is click on that beautiful donate button below and in less than 5 minutes you will have made a difference and helped us to continue what we've started. We promise, you won't be disappointed.
Lastly, we forgot to add another very important date to our countdown list, and that date is February 2nd, 2017. Only 62 more days until opening night of our 2017 Season opener, Sing Happy! Click here to BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW! You will not want to miss out on this incredible show!
Happy Holidays!
Stay Excellent, Ann Arbor.
Twinterns Signing Off
November 14, 2016
Here it is, y'all!
Our biggest season to date is just around the corner and we would greatly appreciate any and all support you would be willing to give! As you know, this will be the first year that we will be offering a FOURTH SHOW in our season, making The Penny Seats the year-round company that we have always dreamed of becoming. You guys have been with us from the start and we could not be more grateful for that, but this year, we need you more than ever. Any donation that is given to us will contribute to making this seventh season one for the books! 
Any and all donation sizes are appreciated, and we've made it super easy and quick; just click on that 'Donate' button that you see above and it will take you directly to the payment page. After you put in your information, you can return to your regularly scheduled programming. 
It is so important to us to continue providing this art form for the Ann Arbor community. Y'all are our backbone, you're what makes The Penny Seats possible. 
We can't thank you enough.
Twinterns Signing Off,
Stay Excellent, Ann Arbor
November 10, 2016


Sing Happy! 

Tickets On Sale Now!

Fellow Penny Seaters,

We come baring great news, tickets for our February cabaret,    Sing Happy!, are ON SALE NOW!


This is so exciting! Our first show of the season is only 83 days away from opening. We could not be more excited to be providing Ann Arbor with such a diverse seventh season and, we don't know about the rest of you but, WE ARE SO READY TO GET THINGS STARTED! 


We know y'all are squirming out of your seats to find out who all is included in this glorious cast and as promised, once we find out you will too! You just need to wait a wee little bit longer but WE HAVE FAITH IN YOU!


What we can say, as of right now, is that it is most definitely not going to be a show to miss! As mentioned in a previous blog, the turn out for these auditions were out of this world! We're not sure where all of you were hiding out before but, WOW! We could cast any combination of the people that showed up and you would have a great cast no matter what!


That reminds us, THANK YOU, again, to those of you who were able to come out for these auditions and thank you for making this casting so incredibly difficult. There's so much talent surrounding us and we could not be happier with the turn out of everything!


Seriously though, BUY YOUR TICKETS, Y'ALL!!

February: 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 14th, 15th & 16th at 7:30 PM

Check out OR call us at 734.926.5346 for ticket information

Twinterns Signing Off,

Stay Excellent, Ann Arbor!

  October 31, 2016

Can we all just take a moment and express the love that we have for this Broadway Queen!? Bette Midler is reviving her role as Winnifred Sanderson this Halloween and it's everything we could have asked for AND MORE!

Halloween is the best because it's like a nationwide dress rehearsal, only you're actually allowed to eat in costume and instead of having to do a show you just get FREE CANDY! HAPPY DAY!

Although Halloween 2016 is sure to be one for the books, make sure to mark your calendars for Halloween 2017, when you can come out and join us for our October show, The Turn of the Screw. Talk about a super spooky evening!


Hope you all enjoy this gllloooorious (spoken in true Winnifred Sanderson fashion) holiday as much as Bette seems to! Stay safe tonight, everyone!




Twinterns signing off!

Stay spooky, Ann Arbor!

October 26, 2016
THANK YOU to everyone who came out for our Sing Happy auditions on Sunday! The talent pool that showed up was out of this world and we could not be more grateful! Hopefully we will have that cast list for y'all soon, we too cannot wait to announce it! 
Keep an eye out on here for future audition information! We've got an OUTSTANDING season ahead, one that we could not be more excited to dive into and we would love nothing more but to have you be apart of it!  
That's all for now, Ann Arbor!
Twinterns signing off!
Stay excellent, Ann Arbor!
October 20th
Start preparing your Kander and Ebb repertoire, everyone! This Sunday, at Tappan Middle School, we will be holding open auditions for our February show, Sing Happy! We could not be more excited to see what kinda talent walks through those doors and we hope it includes your wonderful self!
If you're interested or know of someone else that may be interested, here's what you need to know! We ask that you first either e-mail or call us at 734.846.3801 to reserve an audition slot. We have them in 10 minute increments starting at 6pm and ending at 9pm. They will be held in the choir room at Tappan Middle School, right off Stadium, and we ask that you prepare 32 bar cuts of TWO CONTRASTING Kander and Ebb pieces. Worry not about the gender of the piece, as that is something we are looking to play around with in the actual show anyhow! 
Choose some pieces that you believe will showcase your talents best and come show us what you got!
We cannot wait to see everybody and get this show rollin! 
Twinterns signing off!
Stay excellent, Ann Arbor!
October 1, 2016
You guys, I don't know if you're ready for this; Penny Seats 2017 Season is here and it is about to be one for the books! You've been waiting, we've been waiting and the time has come for you to finally hear the tremendous shows that will be taking over Ann Arbor in the 2017 year.
February 2017: Sing Happy! A Celebration of Kander&Ebb
Directed by Encore Musical Theatre Company's Thalia Schramm and music directed by R. McKenzie Lewis, this musical review is going to be beautiful. Kander and Ebb have one of the most spectacular musical careers, writing some of Broadways most popular shows such as Cabaret, Chicago, Kiss of the Spiderwoman, The Visit, Curtains and much more. If you're a fan of any of their shows, then this is a show for you! 
Keep and eye out on here for audition information coming up soon!
June 2017: Renaissance Man
There are so many reasons to get pumped for our first summer production! This piece is written and will be directed by Michigan's very own Joe Zettlemeier, who has made quite a name for himself over the past year. A handful of his plays have been performed at festivals and at different theatres around the state, allowing people to discover his incredible playwriting skills. This production will tell the classic Shakespearean story of Macbeth through the eyes of different Renaissance Fair workers. This will not be one to miss!
July 2017: Peter and the Starcatcher
Are you guys as excited as we are about this!? Peter and the Starcatcher: the prequel to the Disney classic Peter Pan will be playing in West Park in Ann Arbor this summer! We cannot wait! We already have a read thru scheduled for the 9th of this month and the cast we have called for it is out of this world! This is going to be a great show for audiences of all ages, that we can promise right now! Directed by EMU professor and Broadway alum Phil Simmons, this one is bound to be phenomenal. 
October 2017: Turn of the Screw
Yes, that's right, Ann Arbor! You're reading the description of a FOURTH SHOW! The Penny Seats Theatre Company is proud to present to you a FOUR SHOW SEASON! Williamston Theatre Company's Artistic Director, Tony Caselli, will be the fearless leader of these scary stories. Just in time for Halloween, Turn of the Screw will be the perfect show to get everyone in the spooky mood for the season!
What did we tell you!? Is this season great or what!? We sure hope you're ready for it because we could not be more excited for all of it!
Keep your eyes peeled for audition information coming soon!
Twinterns signing off!
Stay excellent, Ann Arbor. 


September 12, 2016

 The Twinterns Have Arrived!

Here we are boys! Here we are world! Heeeere's the Twinterns! 
We could not be more excited to be responsible for keeping this wonderful community up to date with the shenanigans that will be going on with The Penny Seats this year! There's so much talk happening about some absolutely glorious projects that will be coming up and we cannot wait to share them with you! But make sure you're staying tuned to these blogs to find out whats coming up next! Also, be on the lookout for the new TWINTERNS VLOG! That's right, Ann Arbor! Yours truly will do their best to not only keep you updated via text, but we'll also be making video blogs that will include season announcments, audition information, and some crazy challenges and interviews with some of your favorite Penny Seats stars. 
GET EXCITED, Y'ALL!!! This 2016-2017 season is about to be incredible and The Twinterns will have your back the whole time as to make sure you're as up to date as we are!
Twinterns signing off! 
Stay excellent, Ann Arbor.
June 1, 2016

On to Summer 2016!

Following the success of our sold out run of Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris this past winter, we get ready to provide Ann Arbor another summer of theatre in our parks. Our 2016 summer season will kick off with a modern adaption of Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, by Lindsay Price, followed by the 2007 Broadway hit Xanadu, based on the 1980 cult classic. The shows will take place this June and July in Ann Arbor's West Park. And as always, tickets to these professional shows will be only $10, due to our donors� generosity. We owe a great thanks to the MCACA and the National Endowment for the Arts for their support for our 2016 Season. Tickets and additional information is available here on our website, See you at the park!

February 2, 2015

Our 2015 Summer Season Awaits

Screen Shot of 2015 Shows

This summer, our dream of Summer Repertory Theatre in the Park becomes a little bit more like reality.  Two shows in the park, running back-to-back throughout July and August.  First, the beloved and hilarious, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), and then, the beloved and hilariously named, Urinetown: The Musical (which won Tonys for its book and score)!  We�ll be at West Park from July 9th through August 15th, Thursday through Saturday nights at 7pm.  And as always, tickets to these professional shows will be only $10, due entirely to our donors� generosity.  This year, we again owe great thanks to the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, administered here in AA by the Arts Alliance, for a mini grant to support our season.  See you at the park!
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Our 2015 Appeal Video Has Arrived

Rarely have we been prouder than we are to present this lovely bit of wonderful, created for us by the talented Gus Nordheilm. Watch, enjoy, and by all means, give. Thanks.

Video Picture 1