What Should I Bring?


A great question.  For theater in the park, there are a few things that might make your evening as comfortable as possible.  Here they are:


1.  A camp chair and/or picnic blanket.  Although there is seating along the retention walls at the band shell, it doesn't have any back support.  And because our current show is playing on the brick pavilion next to the retention walls, we can't set up folding chairs for our patrons this year.  So, a comfy camp chair is a good investment.  Also, picnic blankets are great for relaxed seating and, uh, picnicking.


2. Sunscreen and bug spray.  Yes, by the time the show starts the sun is slowly going down, and mosquitoes haven't been a problem (so far) this year, but you can't be too careful.  Always good to have these things around.


3.  Food and drink. Bring a picnic and drinks (even alcohol, to enjoy responsibly) to the park!  What's theatre in the park without a picnic, after all?  We open the park for picnicking 90 minutes before every show.


4. A hat or sunglasses.  That evening glare from the sun is gorgeous, but can sometimes make the actors hard to see, and squinting gets tiresome.  Hats and sunglasses may help in this regard.


5. A raincoat or umbrella. OF COURSE YOU WON'T NEED THESE...  but just in case, please make sure you have them if there's a chance of rain.  As per our Rain Policy, we aim to be hearty, and you may need to sit through a misting, or even some actual Rain, during the show.


If you have any further questions, drop us a line at thepennyseats@gmail.com, or (734) 926-5346.


See you at the park!