What's Playing in 2019?


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April 5-21, 2019 - Murder Ballad


Directed by Matthew Pecek, this immensely

popular rock opera tells the story of a murder among

friends and lovers. Set in a bar, this powerhouse of a

show keeps you guessing until the final scene.


June 13-29, 2019 - Fortinbras


Lee Blessing's hilarious modern bookend to Hamlet tells the

story of Fortinbras, the lucky Dane who enters during

Hamlet's final scene and orders the bodies of the royal

family removed, while he devises a media blitz to legitimize

his ascension to the throne. Directed by Joseph

Zettelmaier, this past-meets-present comedy is a perfect

opener for our West Park summer season.


July 11-27, 2019 - Man of La Mancha


 We bring this quintuple-Tony-winning, legendary musical to West Park.   With a book by Dale Wasserman, lyrics by Joe Darion, and Music by Mitch Leigh, Man of La Mancha tells the story of the windmill-tilting Don Quixote, his loyal friend Sancho, the glorious Dulcinea, and the various people who move through their lives.  Directed by Phil Simmons.


October 24-November 3, 2019 - Dr. Seward's Dracula


Our second annual installment of The Penny Dreadfuls

series features this devilishly great adaptation of

the Dracula legend, by Michigan-based award-winning

playwright, Joseph Zettelmaier. It's fantastic

Halloween fodder, delivering humor and suspense in

equal measure. Performed at Ann Arbor's Stone Chalet Inn.